Eauric is a cryptoasset with four main feature

Baked in Gold

Eauric is 100% baked in 18k gold.

Each Eauric unit represent one Troy gold ounce.

The Transactional network (mining)

Eauric mining will be in charge of generating and maintaining the accounting

book of transaction; for this, miners will be rewarded with upto

3 Assets in one cryptoasset

Eauric eliminate the ongoing problem of investors when investigating and moving their money from one place to another of form  

Those seeking a safe haven from the constant devolution or loss of support of the fiats currencies by the continuous emission of inorganic money will also see one of the best    

For those who need to make payments of large or small amounts, Eauric is also the solution with almost a zero percentage for expenses 

Supported in a new blockchain
generation: Eleutherus

Eauric is the first cryptoasset  of an evolved blockchain that rewrites, adds feature and perfects the different known experiences in the area, through the development of a new communication and governance protocol called Eleutherus/GP, Being the first cryptoasset in this ecosystem will allow Eauric to supplant the dominance position of current cryptos