1 Eauric = 1 ounce of 18k gold

1 Eauric =
1 ounce of 18k gold

Gold Backing

Gold historically revalues its price according to fiat currencies. This is one of the reasons why Eauric will revalue over time.

Gold Prices

Live gold price per ounce:


Gold price performance USD
Dollar to gold ratio now performance USD
*Date the Eauric white paper was written

Eauric price projection


The relationship of 1 Eauric = 1 ounce Of gold will be built, when taking this step the price of an Eauric must be balanced to the price of one ounce of gold.


We will work so that the price of the Eauric is close to the price of the Dollar to Gold Ratio.


With the implementation of the Eleutherus ecosystem, the use value of the Eauric will increase, therefore its price must increase significantly as it is the first cryptoasset in this ecosystem.